Titelbild des Buches, The White Tiger Aravind Adiga
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In the course of our semester topic 'India' we read the well-known book 'The White Tiger' written by Aravind Adiga. Having read the novel, we thought about different possibilities to elaborate on the goings-on in a creative manner eventually, taking into consideration that our 'Profil' doesn't exclusively contain foreign languages but also arts, we decided to design our own webpage following the example of 'sparknotes' as such doesn't exist for 'The White Tiger', yet. Having take this decision, we enthusiastically started our work. Divided into several groups, different tasks were assigned to each respective team.

Even upon encountering obstacles for instant to misunderstandings regarding some Hindu terms or lengthy explanations of the author we finally managed to finish our project successfully and would like to hereby present it to you.


Have fun reading


Your 13 s – Isarnwohldschule – Gettorf